Simply Giving

Every family in our district is an automatic voting member of the HHPTG. We offer the “Keep is Simple” Giving Campaign as an alternative to traditional fundraising. No wrapping paper, no magazines, no sausages to sell! 

You have made the Keep it Simple one of our most successful fundraising activities for two reasons. First, it’s stress-free and doesn’t put any demands on your already busy schedule!  Instead of selling items to your co-workers, family, and friends, you make a one-time donation that directly benefits our schools and is tax-deductible for you. Second, 100% of your donation benefits our schools and students.

If you choose to participate in this campaign, see the the attached flyer and return a check to the school in an envelope labeled for the HH PTG.

Alternatively, you can donate online using PayPal (below).

Thank you! We greatly appreciate your support!